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Other industry CMC

Release time:2024-02-18 Page view:76

Other industry CMC

With wide uses and good adapting ability, Sodium CMC is a kind of indispensable raw material and additive in many industries.


Mosquito-repellent incense: used as binder. Compare with the other traditional binders, it has the characteristics of strong binder, small usage and it is the ideal binder for producing thin smoke or smokeless mosquito-repellent incense. No mildewed and no break during storage and transportation.


Building materials: used as retarder, water retention agent, thickener and binder. It can be used in the mechanized construction such as building a wall, whitewashing the plaster, and caulking etc. Adding CMC into the plaster can retard the hardening, and lengthen the using time.


Tobacco: used as binder and film former. Mix with tobacco stick and tobacco leaf powder, and produce the tobacco slice after roll-in.


Welding : used as glaze slurry in the ceramic coating of electric welding rod, so the ceramic has the good bond property and brushability, meanwhile, CMC can be burnt under the high temperature without residue. It can improve the appearance quality and eccentricity of the welding rod and reduce its damage rate.