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Lithium Battery used CMC

Release time:2024-02-18 Page view:37

Lithium  Battery used CMC



Jinsheng CMC as a stabilizer and binder can be used to make electrode materials, which can avoid the use of NMP, reduce costs, and reduce environmental pollution. It can also increase battery capacity and extend cycle life.


Jinsheng CMC as a binder can be used in different types of electrode materials such as natural graphite, mesocarbon microspheres (MCMB), lithium titanate, tin-based silicon-based anode materials, and lithium iron phosphate cathode materials. It can improve battery capacity, cycle stability, and cycle life compared to when using PYDF. Because CMC has good thermal stability, electrical conductivity, and electrochemical properties.


There are two main mechanisms for improving the performance of lithium ion batteries by CMC sodium:

1) The bonding performance of CMC is stable;

2) CMC has good electronic and ionic conductivity, and it can promote the transfer of lithium.


Packing and Storage


25kg kraft paper bag with PE inner, or another packing as clients request.



1. Store in a cool, dry, clean, ventilated environment.Temperature Max. 40, with relative humidity 80%. 

2. Since the date of production, a preservation period should not exceed 4 years for the industrial product.

3.The products should be prevented from water and package bag damaging during transportation.



Degree of Subsitutation

Application fields

Low D.S


Used as binder, gel, silicon-based additives and graphite  modification.

Conventional D.S


High D.S

Min 1.0