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Anionic Polyacrylamide(PAM)
Anionic Polyacrylamide(PAM)

Anionic Polyacrylamide(PAM)

1. Product Characteristics

Anionic polyacrylamide is a water-soluble linear high-molecular polymer synthesized with a high degree of polymerization and has flocculation,thickening, shearing, resistance reduction, dispersion and other   valuable properties at the same time.Although, anionic polyacrylamide reduces very little water   surface tension,   its molecules contain active groups, when they are absorbed on the interface, they can change the interface status.

2. Quality Indicators




White particles

Solid Content (%)


Degree of Hydrolysis%

Low, medium, high

Molecular Weight (million)

1225 adjustable

Water Insoluble (%)


Residual Monomer%


Dissolution Timeh


3. Uses

1. Industrial wastewater treatment. Effect is very significant especially for

wastewater with a neutral or alkaline PH value, with bigger suspended particles, high concentration   or with positive charge, such as wastewater treatment in iron and steel mills, electroplating plants,   metallurgical plants and coal washing plants.

2. Drinking water treatment. Using this product to treat turbid tap water with high sand content   has the advantages of small dosage, low cost, no secondary pollution.

3. Papermaking additives. Can be used as macrofiber paper-making dispersant, dry and wet   enhancer,   retention and drainage agents and papermaking wastewater flocculant, etc.

4. Instruction

1. When using the product, to disperse this product in the water effectively is extremely important,   or it may lead to polyacrylamide cakes or produce “fish eyes”, making dissolution time extended.

2. When the product dissolves, it is required to use water with lower hardness. It’s better to avoid using materials affecting water quality to make the dissolution tank.

3. The use of warm water can accelerate dissolution. But too high temperature will lead to thermal degradation of the molecular chain and the viscosity will be affected too. So the water temperature cannot exceed 50℃ generally.

5. Product Packaging

The product is packed in paper-plastic three-in-one compound bags. Weight of each bag is 25kg or according to user needs. Shelf life is one year.

6. Notes

Dry product is easy to absorb moisture, so please pay attention to keeping it dry during storage. It should be placed in a ventilating and dry warehouse, preventing it from moisture and rain. Never have it exposed to air or sun.