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Painting Grade CMC

Painting Grade CMC

Paint Grade CMC

Paint Grade CMC: With good dispersion, coating evenly distributed; not hierarchical and stable performance; has good tackifying effect, you can adjust the paint Viscosity; improve rheological property of the paint ;most of the surface-active agents and preservatives can be used with water-soluble paint match.

Specification for Painting Grade CMC:

Type Items

Viscosity of 1% solution (25℃Brookfield ),mPa.s

Purity %

PH (25℃, 1% solution)

Loss on Drying %











CMC has the following excellent performance in the coating:
(1) Water soluble: able to be dissolved in hot water or cold water with simple stirring equipment;
(2) Extremely low ash content, quite stable and good in dispersion as emulsion thickener, able to improve coating leveling property and sparkling and sagging resistance, thus improving construction performance of the coating;
(3) Good compatibility, able to be compatible with water soluble gum, softener and resin;
(4) No pharmacological function, nontoxic, harmless to physical body;
(5) Well-distributed replacing base, strong anti-bacterium effect.