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Paper Grade CMC
Paper Grade CMC

Paper-making Grade CMC

CMC is a high-efficiency paper making auxiliary, and features good moisture retention, dispersibility. Pigment coating: CMC can help control and regulate the rheology of coatings and dispersibility of pigments, get pseudoplasticity of coatings, improve the moisture retention of coatings, has excellent film forming property; Intracytoplasm adding: improve jordaning efficiency, shorten pulping time, regulate electric potential of pulp, Improve the retention rate of additives, fillers etc; Top sizing: has excellent rheology and film forming property, improve the brightness and gloss of paper, Enhance the stiffness and smoothness of paper, Increase the surface strength and abrasion resistance of paper.

Specification for Paper Grade CMC:


Degree of


Viscosity of 1% solution (25℃Brookfield ),mPa.s

















CMC Applications in Coated Paper:
1. Control and adjust the flowing property of paint and the sispersibility of the pigment, increase the solid content of paint.
2. Strengthen the water retention value of the paint and avoid the moving of adhesive, so that it can improve the leveling of the paint and quality of the coating.
3. Give good stability to the paint, keep the homogeneity of the paint system.
4. Excellent film forming property, improve the gloss of the coating.
5. Improve the retention rate of the brightener, and increase the whiteness of the paper.
CMC Applications in Wet-end Additive:
1. Excellent dispersibility helps the shaping of paper and improves the evenness.
2. Improve the inner bond force of cellulose, increase the physical strength of the paper.
3. Enhance the sizing effect.
4. Increase the retention of additives, stuffing and tiny cellulose.

CMC Applications in Surface Sizing:
1. Increase the fluffing speed of paper obviously and improve the ink absorbability.
2. Excellent flowing and film forming property enhance the stiffness and smoothness of paper.
3. Improve the surface strength and aeration, control curling.