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Ceramic Grade CMC

Ceramic Grade CMC

Ceramic Grade CMC

In the ceramic industry, CMC is used as the excipient, plasticizer and reinforcer of the perform body. Used in the ground coat and cover coat of ceramic, CMC can make the glaze body in a state of stable dispersion. In printing glaze, its main performances are thickening, adhesion and dispersion functions.

Specification for Ceramic Grade CMC:


Degree of


Viscosity of 1% solution (25℃Brookfield ),mPa.s

















A. The Application Of CMC In The Ceramic Body

1. It can stabilize physical and chemical property of glaze formulation.

2. It can improve glaze adhesion and reduce glaze cracking.

3.Make the moisture in the body evaporate uniformly to avoid dryness and cracking

B.The Application Of CMC In The Ground Coat And Cover Coat Of Ceramic Tile

1. Make the glaze body in a state of stable dispersion

2. Improve the surface tension of the glaze

3. Slow water spreading from the glaze to the body

4. Increase the smoothness of the glaze

5.Avoid glazing cracking and printing fracture in the process of delivery caused by the decrease of   body strength

6 .Reduce the glaze pinhole after sintering

C. The Application Of CMC In The Printing Glaze (Or Stamp-Pad Ink, Ointment), Soluble Salt Glaze

1. High water solubility, high transparency after dissolving,

2. Not sticky, not plugging, effectively reduce the Frequency of wiping network

3. Fine, good lubricity, high efficiency in passing network

4. Good printing rheological property, make the printing more fluent, clear and consistent in color and luster

5.Have a good compatibility with glazes, make the flower glaze steady, have a good performance of acid

resistance and alkali salt kang resistance.